Nature Views -England

Shanklin Chine, The waterfall on the Isle of Wright 

Shanklin Chine is a geological feature and tourist attraction in the town of Shanklin, on the Isle of Wight, England. A wooded coastal ravine, it contains waterfalls, trees and lush vegetation, with footpaths and walkways allowing paid access for visitors, and a heritage centre explaining its history.The Chine became one of the earliest tourist attractions on the Isle of Wight, with records of the public visiting the site to view it as far back as 1817.

 Roughting Linn Waterfall  Northumberland, England

In Scotland and northern England a Linn is a geographical water feature.In Scotland it describes where a watercourse has cut through a shelf of hard rock creating a narrow (usually), steep-sided cut though which the watercourse runs.Typically there is only one named Linn on any watercourse - although obviously - there may actually be more than one feature with the necessary attributes.

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