Marvelous Architecture around the World !!! - Part 2

Aldar headquarters building.

The Aldar HQ building is a 121m tall, 23 storey commercial building located in the Al Dana business district on the exclusive Al Raha Beach development in Abu Dhabi.
The groundbreaking building represents a fusion of tradition and modernity, with the striking circular shape symbolising unity and stability. The building’s diagrid concept largely eliminates the need for internal columns, which would compromise the aesthetic appeal of both the external building as well as the views from within.

Reunion Tower ~ Dallas.

Reunion Tower is one of the main staples of the beautiful Dallas skyline. Reunion Tower offers spectacular views of the Dallas and you can even see Fort Worth on a clear day. Night views are equally spectacular. Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck is the name of the rotating restaurant that opened in 2009. Five Sixty is a great place to enjoy fine cuisine with an Asian influence and one of the best views in Dallas.

Saint Louis Arch.

The St. Louis Gateway Arch is an elegant monument to westward expansion in the USA. Located on the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Louis, Missouri, the 630-foot tall stainless steel arch rises above the city skyline. The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial consists of the Gateway Arch, the Museum of Westward Expansion, and St. Louis' Old Courthouse.

Futerscope, France.

Futuroscope is a theme park in central France, near the city of Poitiers.  It offers the perfect blend of education and fun- or atleast that’s what my parents thought when they took myself and my brothers there in our youth.

It offered a vision of the future where everything is dynamic, exciting and in an Imax cinema. Not that dissimilar from a world expo.  There is a monorail- that ultimate symbol of the future- ,the park is dotted with pavilions with the ambition of presenting a future that is in fact the past, more specifically the mid 1980s, when it was built.

Kring Kumho Culture Complex.


Opened in 2008 by the Kumho Asiana Group, Kring is a cultural complex consisting of various venues including a performance exhibition hall, art square, movie theater, lounge, cafe and a sky garden. Kring's contemporary architecture, modern art and trendy fashion is a feast for the eyes.

Meaning "circle" in Dutch, the concept can be seen throughout the complex. The Entire exterior of the building is a brilliant white color whith its interior featuring decors and works of art in curved shapes. Inside, the artirum extends up to the second floor with a glass cylinder passageway extending in the space overhead. The height of the complex is comparable to an 8 or 9 story building. However, the buliding was designed as a 3 story venue for culture and art.

The first floor of Kring features the atrium containing art and sculptures by young artists throughout the lobby, hall and stairs giving the area a feeling of a large-scale work of art. The Kring Cinema is also located on the first floor. This unique 64-seat cinema screens non-commercial movies, mainly art and independent films. All the proceeds from admission (5,000won) are contributed towards the development of cultural and artistic communities.

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