Bahama Island

The Grand Bahama Island is the second most popular destination in the Bahamas.
The Grand Bahama Island is very well-known for its low-key Caribbean attitude, white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water. The weather is warm year round and perfect for escaping the cold winter. Add to that the unique Bahamian culture and all of the luxuries of a world-class destination, and you have yourself a truly amazing port of call.
Ready for an underwater adventure of a lifetime at The Dolphin Experience, an educational and interactive facility where you can swim and play with these friendly creatures. You can also try scuba diving, offered for all levels of experience, which includes several dives around the coral reefs on this nine-and-a-half-acre lagoon.
As part of one of the largest reef systems on Earth, the reefs of Grand Bahama Island are spectacular in both geographical scope and biological diversity. Among the island’s underwater treasures are the Hawksbill turtle, seahorses, dolphins, Caribbean reef sharks, and dozens of species of both coral and fish.

The beautiful Caribbean waters and endless beaches, you'll find just about every water sport under the sun. Or, if you're looking for an activity on land, you can always head to the golf course.
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