Natural Falls

Waterfall canyon,Takachiho - Japan.

Takachiho is located in the northernmost part of Miyazaki Prefecture, bordering Kumamoto Prefecture on its north and northwest sides and Oita Prefecture on its north and northeast sides. The Gokase River flows from the west to the southeast part of town. The heart of the town is at its center, around the now defunct Takachiho Station and the business office of Takachiho Kotsu, the town public transportation company. Takachiho Gorge, located in the southern part of town, is fairly famous as a tourist attraction.

Waterfall, Sivas - Turkey

The Sivas Province is a province of Turkey. It located at the eastern part of the Central Anatolian region of Turkey; it is the second largest province in Turkey. The majority of Sivas Province shares the climate of the Central Anatolian Region in which the summer seasons are hot and dry while winter seasons are cold and snowy. However, the northern part of the province shares the Black Sea Climate while the eastern portion shares the climate of the Eastern Anatolian higher region.

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