The Viceroy Bali Resort Hotel

The Viceroy Bali Resort Hotel is nothing short of spectacular and is surrounded by beautiful scenery, breathtaking views, and exotiscism. Located in Ubud, bali, Indonesia, the Viceroy Bali is the perfect blend of Traditional Balinese architecture and modern conveniences. The rooms are very aesthetically pleasing and include a mini-bar, a bathroom, seating and dining areas, and electronic appliances such as LCD televisions and DVD players. If you are not just visiting Viceroy Bali Hotel for pleasure, you will be pleased to know that they have high-speed internet so that you can bring your business with you and still stay connected with the outside world as well as have access to board and conference rooms for the business man on the go.  The rooms also include private indoor pools and balconies with scenic views that will leave you in awe.

The Viceroy Bali Hotel is also very close to an airport and other points of interests such as the Ubud Market, the Ubud Monkey Forest, and many other locations that will pique your interest and leave you will plenty to do when you are not spending your time at the Hotel. But even though there is plenty to do while you are away, there is also much that you can do while you are staying at the hotel. There is a library that contains many books and DVDs, a spa, a gym that also has yoga classes, massages, beaches, golf courses, and many more activities that you can experience while staying at the Viceroy Bali. You can also dine at the CasCades, which is an award-winning restaurant which serves a variety of Asian and French cuisine as well as many wines and other alcoholic beverages that are sure to please your palate. Moreover, after you have exhausted yourself with the many possibilities of enjoyment that the Viceroy Bali has to offer as well as the surrounding attractions, you can look forward to a complimentary breakfast after you wake up from a comfortable nights rest.
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