New Seawalker in Sanur Bali

 Exploring underwater world, its easy, fun and safe .Everybody can do it, live up your dream walking under water world.Water Walk, when other places started to set foot on the pontoon, here you step up  to a ship floating as a starting point enjoying the underwater world.
Guided by professionals instructor that so  concerned about security, no worries at all stepped enjoying  direct contact with the colorful fish, and certainly with a special helmet that  created to bring this awesome sensation. Coral sea with a variety of patterns and colors ... enjoy the sensation of slow motion when you are underwater, no sound is heard, all five senses just amazed at the beauty of the underwater

Do you know that Coral Reefs have a lot benefit to help prevent sediments from washing up and damaging the shoreline because they act as a physical barrier which helps create a healthier, protected coastline habitat. Coral reefs also sequester carbon dioxide which helps create an environment that continues to attract marine biodiversity and it has economic benefits for nearby cities and towns. Coral can be harvested for use in medicines and jewelery and Fish and marine plants can be harvested for use in aquariums worldwide.Some Coral reefs can take thousands of years to form. During their formation they can develop into several different shapes depending on their location and surrounding geologic features, Club Aqua Bali as company for Marine activities offer CORAL PLANTATION while seawalker activities..
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