The best place to visit in June - Italy

Atrani, Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italy

Canyon of Furore, Amalfi Coast, Italy

People who have travelled to Italy during the off season months of January, February or March would be absolutely stunned by the number of tourists that they would find in the month of June. The tourist season kicks off in Italy in April, with May and June the two of the busiest months in the country. The main reason for these many people travelling to the country in June is because of the excellent weather. It is a good time to visit, but for those who don't mind the crowds or the high prices of hotel rooms and airfares.

At times it might seem to visitors that there is never a slack season in Italy since no matter when you visit Italy you would always find tourists. June is the best time to visit Italy in terms of weather, but for those who are planning to travel on a low budget, it is best to avoid travelling in June. During this month, the car rentals, the airfare, hotel rooms and even the other products and services that you might want to buy in the local shops would be expensive.

Lake Como, Italy

Tivoli, Villa D'este, Rome, Italy

Vernazza Marina.

June in Italy is definitely a high season for tourism. With the schools closing in the middle of the month, the locals too begin their vacations in June. Weather in the beginning of June is much like it is in May, pleasantly warm but not very hot. However, towards the end of the month the temperatures can rise very steeply in most parts of the country and the southern parts especially would be quite hot. The seaside resorts are always filled with tourists from all over the world because of the hot climate as even the locals flock to the sea side. June 21st is the longest day of the year and definitely one of the hottest too. The benefit is that wet days are very uncommon in June so it is possible for visitors to enjoy many great days outdoors.

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