Sørvágsvatn lake, Faroe Islands - 1

Lake Sørvágsvatn or lake Leitisvatn, located on the island of Vágar, the biggest lake of of the Faroe Islands. Faroe Island is situated in center the ocean of Norway and Iceland. Vágar island is the most impressive in size throughout the Faroe archipelago. As for the body of water, it is just by the ocean on a separate platform on height of 30 meters. Significant elevation changes in the are, creating the impression that the lake is literally hanging over the sea. The steep cliffs of water flows out of the lake into the ocean, forming a waterfall of the same name. The lake size in 3.4 square kilometers, more than three times the size of the second biggest lake Fajallavatn, which also lies on the island of Vágar.

There lake another side name — "Hanging lake" it is because of the fact that its water surface comes close to the ocean a if hanging over it. the lake is situated in a deep depression, and its towering headland on the 252 and 376 meters on the left and right sides. And when you look form a distance, the cavity itself is not visible, and it seems that the lake is on the platform. Optical illusion creates in impression that the reservoirs is located at the height of not less than one hundred meters above sea level! In fact elevation difference between the lake and the ocean is about 30 meters. When viewed from afar, its seem that lake is tilted towards the ocean, breaking all the laws of physics. Lake on the edge of the Cliff - Sorvagsvatn or leytisvatn, Faore Island. During the II world ware the British army built the airfield and a station for seaplanes on the lake. The first aircraft landed at RAF Sorvagsvatne in 1941.
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