Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is a small island in the Aegean Sea. Due to large number of beautiful beaches and variety of entertainment programs this place has become a favorite destination for tourists from many different countries of the world.The island is full of contrasts as here you can see living houses painted in bright colors just next to modern buildings. While walking on the streets of Mykonos, you can find a huge number of restaurants and taverns, shops and open markets. Mykonos is also famous for its nightlife. On the island are located discos and nightclubs for all tastes, so either rock fans, or music fans who prefer jazz will surely find here a place to fit their tastes.

Among the architectural sights of Mykonos we should mention several old churches, the building of which took place several centuries ago. There are also several museums here with one of them to be entirely devoted to archaeological finds. The island is a true paradise for fishing enthusiasts. The reason for this is in the fact Mykonos is surrounded by small uninhabited islands that are ideal for fishing activities.
The excursions to another, no less attractive island named Delos are organized every day. This is the largest religious and cultural center of Greece that has kept in safety its rich historical heritage. The island has several towns that are definitely worth visiting by every vacationer. Chora is considered the business center of Mykonos, so best restaurants and discos are also located here. Castro is the historical center of Mykonos and the location of the Ethnographic Museum. Here you can see a part of the ancient city wall, old windmills and buildings. Another great place to visit is the artists' quarter named Alefkandra. This is the best place for walks and relaxing rest away from the city.

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