Mt. Sniezka - Karkonosze Mountains, Poland

Made of metamorphic rocks alias hornfels and it lays within the Karkonosze and Sudetty range. The west base is formed with granite and most inaccessible south slope is cut with deep couloirs.What dominates on the north side is debris falling abruptly on this side and falling gently to Sun Valley on the east.

In 1456 the first historical ascent was recorded by an unknown merchant searching for the precious. Soon after the settlemets began to appear regarding mining issues. The main concerns were the deposits of iron , copper and arsenic. 

The mining shafts, totalling 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) in length, remain to this day. In 1681, Count Leopold von Schaffgotsch built the chapel of St. Śnieżka. Lawrence, which offered the Cistercians.August 10 is celebrated the Feast of St. here. Lawrence, the patron of the guides. The chapel also hosts masses, it happens that while the Polish, Czech and German.
One side of the mountain is in Poland; the other belongs to the Czech Republic. The area is very popular in summer with tourists from Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany who enjoy hiking in the alpine environment one of a kind to this location.

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