The Best Water Slides in Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its trendy hotels, extravagant shows and over-the-top nightclubs and casinos. Travelers to Las Vegas for business or pleasure sometimes bring along their families, including the kids, who would much rather spend time in the hotel pool than do just about anything else. A few Vegas hotel have put some thought and creative planning into their pools; the addition of water slides makes them a family favorite among visitors.

The most creative and exciting water slide attraction in a Las Vegas hotel can be found at the Golden Nugget Hotel. The water slide is actually a clear tube that shoots you through a shark-infested tank and not-so-gently deposits you into a pool where you can "swim" with the sharks. A sheet of acrylic separates you from the sharks, who lazily swim about in their tank, eyeing swimmers and plotting their escape. Renovated in 2008, the Golden Nugget Hotel pool is heated in winter and shares a wall with the 20,000-gallon shark tank. The water slide is three stories high, and young participants must meet a height minimum of 48 inches.

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