Capri, Italy.

Capri is an enchanting and picturesque island made of limestone rock. A favorite with Roman emperors, the rich and famous, artists, and writers, it's still one of the Mediterranean's must-see places. The island's top attraction is the famous Blue Grotto, Grotta Azzurra. Tourists arrive by boat at Marina Grande, the island's main harbor. Beaches are scattered around the island. There are only two towns - Capri, just above Marina Grande, and Anacapri, the higher town. Lemon trees, flowers, and birds are abundant.

Exotic and voluptuous, like the brightly colored flowers which refuse to be contained within the gardens of its elegant villas; tumbling over the walls and filling the little lanes of the island with great cascades of exquisitely scented bougainvillea and campanula: since ancient times, the island of Capri has been enticing travelers with its quite irrepressible beauty.Although the natural beauty of the island far outshines that of even the most glamorous of its visitors, no trip to Capri can be considered complete without having first attended the people parade in the legendary Piazzetta. It is here, in this tiny square bordered by chic pavement cafes, that the worlds beautiful people come to be seen, swathed in the designer clothes and jewelry purchased moments earlier in the exclusive boutiques lining the streets of the historic center.

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