Bern Capital of Switzerland


 The Bern City (Berne­) is a beautiful and charming city and the Capital of Switzerland.  The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bern is a small city of hardly 130,000 people and retains a small town’s easy approach to life. In the World’s most beautiful and relaxing capital city, Bern is at the second place. Bern with many fountains, sandstone facades, narrow streets and historic towers is exceptional. The raised Rose Garden above the Bear Park and the display place of the 101-metre-high cathedral tower gives the best views of the old town round which the River Aare flows.


Though Bern has a very good public transport network it is best to discover the City Centre on foot. In summers, the River Aare gives a chance for the ultimate bathing experience. The Botanical Gardens are also situated along the river, as is the Dählhölzli Zoo and the old Matte district. Bern and bears, the cities heraldic animal, are always together. A visit to the Bear Park, home of a family of bears, is a must visit place. It features 4 miles of arcaded walkways along streets decked out with fountains and clock-towers. Bern was one of the eight host cities in the 2008 European Football Championships.

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