Giessbach Switzerland - The Amazing Fall

Most beautiful waterfall in the Alps.

The Giessbach Falls are among Switzerland's loveliest waterfalls. The huge masses of water plunging down over 14 levels of rock into the lake of Brienz is a magnificent natural spectacle.Giessbach Falls is a magnificent sight, particularly Swiss: crystalline lakes, snow capped peaks, equipment lifts and cable cars and huts and cottages specific.

The Giessbach Falls are situated on the southern shore of Lake Brienz, directly opposite the village.The falls descend, water frothing, over seven steps to the lake.At the lakeside there is a landing stage served by the Lake Brienz passenger and steam boat service and a romantic historic funicular leading up to the Grand Hotel Giessbach.The hotel terrace awards splendid views of the waterfall as it froths and roars its way down to join the tranquil waters of the lake.
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