Amazing Resorts

Barclay And Crousse  Peru

In Peru lies a gem of a home called “Casa Equis” that’s arguably one of the more visually interesting homes along the beach/desert of the South American country. The exterior blends into the landscape so softly with its camel colored facade, but it’s the interior and the architectural features by Barclay & Crousse that really make it pop.The pool is in a league of its own with glass side walls and a concrete bottom that floats just above an exterior stairwell that leads from the upper deck down below. Certainly an architectural feat in itself! The interior packs a punch with fuchsia niches and neutral furniture, but don’t forget the glazing and carefully curated art pieces lining the walls.

 Costa Careyes resort community on the Pacific Coast of Mexico

Costa Careyes was founded in 1968 by Gian Franco Brignone, an innovative artist, architect and entrepreneur from Torino, Italy whose dream was to create an ideal resort defined by bold washes of vibrant color. Careyes is a community located on the Costa Alegre ("happy coast"). Costa Alegre is a 232 km stretch that is one of Mexico's most spectacular coastal areas connecting tropical forests with a series of dramatic cliff-lined coves. Tiny outpost towns line the route, while dirt roads trail down to a succession of magical coves with pristine beaches.

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