Lake Braies - Dolomiti - Italy

Legend has it that the valley was inhabited by some of Braies wild look bad that guarded the gold present in the nearby mountains. For these figures the gold was valued for its beauty but made them hard in the soul.When some farmers appeared in the valley along with their cattle, wild figures regalarono their products some items with their gold. Breeders seeing such an abundance of gold became greedy and began to take possession of raw materials, stealing the people of savages. The population of the savages decided to prevent the farmers to get to the mountains and did some spring water sources, which created downstream of the lake Braies, which prevented farmers to be able to steal the gold further to the savages. 

You can make a tour around the lake. This path is on the western side, top and wide, while on the eastern shore is steep and narrow, with a few steps. Nevertheless this beautiful promenade that leads to the foot of the Croda del Becco , is approachable by any hiker. During the winter these trails often (especially on the eastern shore) are closed due to avalanche danger. You can still make a trip around the lake, as its surface is very solidly iced.

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