Beautiful Waterfalls in California-USA

The McWay Waterfalls

McWay Falls -Big Sur- California- USA

McWay Falls is an 80-foot waterfall located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park that flows year-round. Like Alamere Falls, this waterfall is one of only two in the region that are close enough to the ocean to be referred to as "tidefalls". It is located on McWay Creek and is one of the few waterfalls that empty directly into the ocean. 

                   Horsetail Falls, Yosemite National Park, CA.-USA

Horsetail Fall, located in Yosemite National Park in California, is a seasonal waterfall that flows in the winter and early spring. The fall occurs on the east side of El Capitan. If Horsetail Fall is flowing in February and the weather conditions are just right, the setting sun illuminates the waterfall, making it glow orange and red. This waterfall descends in two streams side by side, the eastern one being the larger, but both quite small. The eastern one drops 470 m (1,540 ft) and the western one 480 m (1,570 ft), the highest fully airborne waterfall in Yosemite that runs at some point every year. The image shown here is taken during a brief time during the winter, near 21 February at sunset, made famous by Galen Rowell's photograph.

                                    Mossbrae falls- Dunsmuir- USA

Mossbrae Falls is a waterfall flowing into the Sacramento River, in the Shasta Cascade area in Dunsmuir, California. The falls are located just south of the lower portion of Shasta Springs. Access to the falls via a mile-long hiking trail on the Union Pacific Railroad tracks is currently closed, as Union Pacific and the City of Dunsmuir figure out a safer route to the falls.Mossbrae Falls is one of the most scenic waterfalls in California. Approximately 50 ft ,in height and 150 ft, wide, the falls are fed by springs, which course down the canyon wall, and into the Sacramento River, creating the effect of many waterfall streams falling into the river. The entire course of the falls is longer than 50 ft ,however the upper cascades cannot be observed through flora which covers the mountainside. The bottom 50 ft, is a straight plunge into the river.

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