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A Perfect Beach

Ik Kil Cenote- Yucatán, Mexico

Ik Kil cenote is a popular stop on the way to the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza (specifically popular among bus tours, since there is a restaurant and store on The Premises) the Cenote is about 25 meters beneath the surface,  The stairway is beautifully lit up & carved into limestone rock and reaches the swimming platform, usually crowded with swimmers, the pool itself is about 60 meters in diameter, the water are very deep around 35 meters. There are vines descending from the top and little water drops constantly flow from above. There are some black catfish which live on the pool, not to worry they don’t bite.

Maui beaches

The Hawaiian islands are known far and wide for the quality of their beaches. From narrow strips of volcanic black sand with dramatic jungle backdrops, to crowded beaches full of the who's who of the world, Hawaii has a beach for everyone. Maui has just as much diversity as the entire island chain with over 30 miles of beaches. The most easily accessible beaches are located on the west and south or leeward sides of the island. Conversely, the north sees quite a bit of wind and waves while the eastern or windward side harbors more remote beaches in the inlets and bays.

 Necker Island

Surrounded by the Caribbean sea of the British Virgin Islands, Necker Island exudes the lifestyle of the rich and famous. You can "rent" the whole island for yourself and your guests, staying in the cliff-side villas with your own pool and never-ending views to the sea. Virgin Atlantic owner, Sir Richard Branson, purchased this previously uninhabited island between Tortola and Anegada in the '70s. He has slowly developed several residences in addition to the main house, an airy Balinese Villa. A favorite with royalty, rock stars, and movie stars, Necker Island is the ultimate private getaway in the Caribbean.

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