Amazing Bridges

 To Get to the Other Side

Historical wooden arch bridge Japan

Kintaikyo  a historical wooden arch bridge, in the city of Iwakuni, in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. The bridge was built in 1673, spanning the beautiful Nishiki River in a series of five wooden arches, and the bridge is located on the foot of Mt.Yokoyama, at the top of which lies Iwakuni Castle.

                 Second longest steel arc bridge in the world

New River Gorge Bridge This bridge is 876 feet high and is the second longest steel arc bridge in the world. On the 3rd Saturday in October, the bridge is shut down and people rappel or BASE jump off of it. It's the only day that you are allowed to walk across the bridge.

  The Millau Bridge, France

The tallest bridge in the world - the Millau Bridge, France This stunning cable stayed vehicular bridge has one mast reaching a height of 1,125ft. The bridge crosses the valley of the river Tarn near Millau and on cloudy days the bridge appears to almost float on the clouds. It was designed by the English architect Lord Norman Foster.

Tibetan bridge in Piedmont, Italy

Walk on the longest Tibetan Bridge in the world! One of the three bridges suspended over the San Gervasio Gorge for almost 470 meters The gorge in some places is almost 100 meters deep. The walkway has four ropes, 1440 steel steps and suspended 30 meters above the ground. The set of bridges go between the towns of Claviere and Cesana Torinese in Italy. From Cesana Torinese the Piccola Dora valley narrows between the slopes of Sagnalong and Chamberton forming a wild and spectacular to take a walk - don't worry too much since you will be using a safty harness. Open every weekend from mid May to September. Every day the first Saturday of July to the first Sunday of September. For children, the minimum height is 1m 20cm

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