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Crown House

Crown House 

 Rendered by graphic designer Michal Nowak, Crown House is a residence designed by 81.WAW.PL. Shaped like a crown, the home is characterized by the sharp lines that make up its exterior walls, their white color in stark contrast with the dark depths of the lake upon which it sits.

Icona  colourful building

Icona is a colourful building which overlooks the Olympic aquatic centre in London and is within 300m of the proposed stadium.This buidingincludes 249 units of which 87 are affordable housing for East Homes. The affordable homes all use the same materials and style as the open market homes making it a tenure blind development. There are three buildings that make up the development, an 18-storey tower and two other buildings at seven and four storeys. Underground parking is provided, as is over 920sq m of commercial space, which includes a residents‚ gym. Icona has already collected a Silver Seal of Excellence at the NHBC Pride in the Job awards.

SF House by Studio Guilherme Torres

In this house, different environs are found with total synergy among the different parts of the house. The dining room, balcony and the home theater have no obstacles between them and can be closed with glass doors that are allocated in the walls.On both floors and walls one can easily notice the materials used: cement, bricks and cumaru wood. The furniture never fails to match couple the precise and economical features of the house yet following a rejuvenating idea proposed by the family.
The materials used either as floor or wall coatings allow room for a new interpretation to the basic Cartesian plans. In other words, the material which is supposedly made for walking on can actually be touched and vice and verse.
The house architecture carries several antagonistic symbolisms – solidity, lightness, coziness, modernity, warmth, freshness – and complementary so as to shorten the distance between our dreams and achievements, an antidote to the boredom of traditional houses.”

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