Amazing Architecture

Lviv House of Scientists

Grand Staircase in House of Scientists, Lviv Ukraine

Set in the Old Town of Lviv, this architectural gem was built in 1898 by Viennese architects. The building is richly decorated with statues and has a splendid interior. Today it functions as a place for cultural, political and scientific conferences and meetings.

Amazing Architecture in Iluma, 

Iluma is an entertainment and retail development, located at the famous Bugis Street area in Singapore, now a designated arts, education and entertainment district. The design contrasts a rectilinear block against a curvaceous sculpted form. The rectilinear element accommodates large, regular components of the car park, retail anchor tenants, cinema and performance spaces, while the curved form accommodates smaller retail and entertainment activities along meandering paths. The dialogue between the two elements is heightened by the architectural treatment, with vibrant hot colours animating the rectilinear block and monochrome shades of grey and white cladding the curvilinear block. Overlooking, overlapping and directing views up, down and across, are strategies throughout the building, inside and outside, to enhance vibrancy, people-watching and excitement.

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