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Antelope Canyon

The mysterious and haunting beauty of Antelope Canyon (also known as "Corkscrew Canyon", one of the few slot canyons in the area) awaits the adventurous traveler who seeks to discover one of the most spectacular -- yet little known attractions of the Lake Powell area. A tour to this awe-inspiring sculpture set in stone is a must for amateur and professional photographers alike. Come see nature's surprising masterpiece of color.

Cathedral in the Dessert - Arizona

The only cottonwood tree for miles around is nurtured and protected from a harsh environment by the cool, moist soil found in this unique, teardrop shaped sandstone alcove on the Utah/Arizona borderlands.

Eternal Blue Portal

Mojave Dessert, Arizona

The Mojave Desert is located in the southwestern United States and is composed of Death Valley, Pahrump Valley, Amargosa Valley, the Las Vegas Valley and some of the surrounding areas.

The Mojave Desert region has oscillated in climate many times in the past. When man first arrived in the Mojave, it was not likely to be as desert like as what we experience today. While, no one is sure when man first visited the region, there is evidence for human activity over 10,000 years ago! That would have marked about the end of the Pleistocene era, a time when the

Mojave was a much cooler and less arid environment. Portions of what are now vast expanses of desert, were likely shorelines of lakes, streams and marshes, and plentiful vegetation and animal life.

As the climate became hotter and drier, the lakes dried up, the streams receded, and left behind isolated ground water fed springs that contain species found no where else in the world, or "endemic" species.

The Mojave Desert is in the North American Desert region, between the hot Sonoran and Lower Colorado deserts to the South, and the Great Basin Desert to the North. While it is very hot in the Mojave in the summer, it also has a tendency to get pretty cold and wet in the winter, which means its residents have to be able to tolerate both extremes!

Macry Cave - Greece

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