Collection of Stunning Photography !!!

1) - Grand Canal-Venice

It is believed that the Grand Canal follows the course of an ancient river. One of the first settlements in the area grew along the canal around the area of the current RialtoBridge.By the 10th century, it was a center for trade and a safe, ship-accessible port. Because of this, some of the earliest houses along the canal belonged to merchants who did their business on the seas.
By the 12th and 13th centuries, homes along the canal became much more ornate and often included Byzantine-style decoration like elongated arches and large loggias. This Venetian-Byzantine style of architecture is evident in the oldest building along the canal, the Ca' da Mosto, which is a 13th century palazzo.

2) - Beautiful Snow Sunset

3) - Garajonay National Park, Spain

This small park is on the island of La Gomera in Spain's Canary Islands, off the northwest coast of Africa. More than two-thirds of the park is covered by a thick laurel forest of a type now rare in North Africa and southern Europe, where it thrived during the Tertiary period. The lush landscape is fed by springs and streams and nurtured by rich volcanic soils—but La Gomera is the only one of the Canary Islands that has not had a volcanic eruption in the modern era.

4) - May Day Sunrise

5) - Central Glow

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