Ithaca Island, Greece.

Ithaca Island is one of the Ionian Islands, Greece, found right next to Kefalonia. A small treasure hidden within lush vegetation reaching down to its coastline, Ithaca is one of the places where holidays take a different meaning.A place of authentic natural beauty, although small, the island of Homer’s Odysseus, boasts a great history and deep tradition offering some of the best sightseeing attractions and beaches in the Ionian Sea, Greece.

For those who wish to visit the island, an Ithaca travel guide is indispensable and Cycladia has prepared a detailed collection of separate guides offering all the useful travel information, insider tips for the best places to visit on Ithaca along with a carefully selected list of hotels and restaurants that guides you through the easiest holiday planning ever!Ithaca Island is indeed an alternative destination and invites travellers to endless explorations through its majestic villages with the breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea from high up its verdurous cliffs.
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