Bridges Around The World -2

Arch bridge

Ancient Stone Bridge- Epirus- Greece 

The stone bridges were built by the people of Epirus in the 18th century and were used by them to pass the river banks and communicate with the adjacent villages. These bridges are completely harmonized with the natural environment and give a distinctive charm to the various rivers and rivulets over which they stand proudly and elegantly. 

      Rock City    


Rock City will amaze you, it's in our nature. Only six miles from downtown Chattanooga, Rock City is 1,700 feet above sea level, with a 100-foot waterfall that cascades down the mountain, and the famous Swing-A-Long Bridge that spans nearly 200 feet. 

Mostor Basnia Bridge

The Mostar Bridge was a very famous and historical bridge before its destruction in 1993 during the war in Bosnia and Hercegovina .The elegant bridge spanned the River Neretva and was designed by the Ottoman (Turkish) architect Mimar Hayruddin.It was completed in 1566 after nines years of building and the surrounding town became a thriving trading centre.The bridge was 29 metres in length and stood at a height of 20 metres, a classic example of a single span, stone arch bridge and was an example of advanced technology in its time.It became a World Heritage site during the twentieth century
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